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Last August I was volunteering at a tiny village in Togo (which you might have gathered from the post Reflection“).

In this post I’m going to tell you a bit more about my time in Africa.

We had no electricity (awesome when it’s pitch black at 7pm), no running water (cool when you have to walk 15 minutes to fetch it for showers and cooking) and no proper toilets (but who needs them anyway when you can share a corn field with some chicken?) I was looking for an adventure for a long time and oh boy, was this trip an adventure.

I went so I could practice my French and I thought – what better way to practice French than to spend time with people who speak French. Then I thought: well, going to France is boring (remember, I wanted an adventure) and this is how I ended up in Togo.

Just a few words to the topic of volunteering, because I know that it can be a touchy subject. This was my 2nd time volunteering (I went to Thailand for 5 weeks 2 years ago) but I don’t do this to save the world. Frankly, if you do it for this reason you are very misguided. I also don’t do it so I can tell everyone what a good person I am, because to be honest, I rather not tell anyone that it was volunteering. The point is, you don’t save the world. You maybe give back a bit and do your part but – I repeat: you’re not saving the world. For me it is simply an opportunity to see a country I wouldn’t have otherwise, experience in a way that you can never as a tourist and – in this case – learn a language.

Here some more pictures of the people I met in Togo.








[More stories (and of course pictures!) to come so stay tuned!]

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