Today on the tube I saw a little girl, not older than a year, who happily waved at everyone she saw. Every single person she waved at was enchanted by her, laughed, smiled and waved back.

A few stops later a young guy with Down Syndrome got on. He spotted a young Dalmation and asked the owner what the name of the dog was and if he could pet him. The owner of the dog answered him like you would to any other person. Respectfully and politely. He told him that the dog was named “Blue”, and of course he could pet him. I felt a bit sad that it would take me so aback. That it would be such a rare thing that he was treating him as an equal.

A few stops further, an old lady tried to get out, people were blocking the doors. She kept shoving, asking a young man – rather rudely – if he would let her pass. There was not much space for him to step aside, but he turned around, gave the lady a bright smile and said “But of course!”
He effectively killed her with kindness. The lady left the tube with a smile on her face.

10 minutes later I got on the train and was sitting next to a pair of pensioners. They were trying to get to a small town just outside of Vienna where they have a lot of Heurigen, – Austrian styled pubs mostly serving wine. They weren’t sure what the best way to go was – by train or by bus. Two other gentlemen spent the entire 15minute train ride talking to them about which way they think would be best. Ending with one of them showing the pair to the right bus, saying “I’d take you there myself but I don’t have my car here today, only my bike.”

Yes, there’s a lot of goodness in this world, still.

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