Family Dinner

Every time my grandparents get back from Italy (or anywhere, really) they bring lots of yummy food. Plus: it’s wild garlic season, so a homemade soup is a must :)

IMG_2083 IMG_2085 IMG_2088 IMG_2091 IMG_2095

/Wild garlic soup.
/Mozzarella with tomatoes.
/Salami and ham.
/Palatschinken (austrian mix between crêpe and pancakes).

5 thoughts on “Family Dinner

    • It’s so yummy. Definitely my favourite food – always. Just some cold stuff and good bread and I’m the happiest girl haha.
      The soup was homemade wild garlic soup. Wild garlic (is that the correct word? idk) is in season now – the forests are FULL with that stuff atm. and my grandparents always go collect it and then we have it as soup, we make pesto, use it like spinach for strudel with feta etc. Very yummy – and convenient. We literally only have to leave the house, cross the street, go into the forest and start collecting the leaves :)

      • Wow! That’s so cool. I am sure it’s the right word – it’s just that I never go into forests to collect anything except possibly leaves. lol

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