Bon Jovi Live!

I should probably begin this post by saying that I’m not a huge Bon Jovi fan. In fact, I barely know any of his songs – I mean the real versions. You’re probably confused now, but the thing is – I’m OBSESSED with his unplugged album “This Left Feels Right“. Obsessed. Completely. Utterly.
I’m usually the kind of person who listens to songs, and it’s very rare that I can repeatedly listen to an entire album and not skip at least half of the songs.
This is how good “This Left Feels Right” is.

It’s so uncharacteristical from how this band usually sounds – which is exactly why I love it so much. I’ve heard from a lot of people who like Bon Jovi for the classic version of their songs that they don’t really know what to think of this unplugged album. That they’re not really that impressed. In any case – if you want to listen to it, here’s your chance:

So, while I’ve been listening to that album for quite some time now, I know the songs, I know the lyrics – just not the rhythm they’re originally played in – which kinda sucks at a concert….
It didn’t matter much because they’re live just really, really amazing. It was an open air concert – and of course, it started to rain the minute they went on stage. How could it not? But even standing in the pouring rain for 3 hours didn’t do much to dampen our mood. If anything, it made us dance and jump around even more!
The atmosphere was great, as was the band – it made getting soaked to the bone so worth it, trust me. There are not a lot of other artists I’d endure this for ;)


[Above: Starting the evening with burgers at MQ Daily. | Below: Still dry during the final songs of the support act.]

IMG_8221 IMG_8220

[Above: Open air concert gear: LL Bean Boots, Denim Jacket (from Mango), Barbour Flyweight Jacket – I still got drenched. | Below: And so it begins….]



[Above: We witnessed a stunning sunset before… | Below: the rain started.]


[Above: A cup of coffee to keep warm.]

Is anyone planning on seeing them live on their European Tour? Has anyone seen them live before? What were your thoughts? Let me know!

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