Rocky Votolato Live!

A few years ago someone introduced me to Rocky Votolato and for a while I was completely and utterly obsessed with his “Suicide Medicine” album.

So when I saw that he’s playing a show in Vienna, I made the last minute decision to go see his show with a friend – and what a treat that was. It was at a tiny, tiny venue, very intimate and just perfect. It’s the kind of concert I love the most, I wish all concerts would be held at tiny venues.

After the show he and his support act (Denison Witmer, more on him later!) were talking to guests, signing merchandise, taking pictures. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this. He was so nice and enthusiastic about this show, so thankful people came out to see him. Yes, I fell in love a second time.

[Above: My outfit. | Below: Support act: Denison Witmer.]



[Above: Rocky Votolato!]

And here are some tunes:

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