Vienna is the world capital of desserts. Warm and cold, pastries, chocolate, dumplings, pancakes – we have it all and eat it as a full meal as well.
A few days ago I made Kaiserschmarrn, it’s basically the same dough as Palatschinken (mix between pancaces and crêpes) but with a slight difference :)

4 eggs
1/4l milk
200g flour
4tbsp sugar
1tsbp fine sugar
a bit of salt
butter for the pan
If you want you can also add raisins soaked in rum.

as a side: apple sauce or stewed plums.

Combine flour, salt, egg yolks and sugar, then add as much milk as you need to get a smooth batter. Combine egg whites and 1 tbsp of fine sugar. Carefully mix the whipped egg whites into the batter.
Heat up a pan, add some butter and pour in the batter. If you want to add raisins, sprinkle them on the batter now. Bake the dough until it’s golden brown on both sides, then carefully tear it apart. You can add some powdered sugar to caramelize.
That’s pretty much it. Serve with powdered sugar and apple sauce and/or stewed plums (in our case we had apple sauce and stewed sour cherries ;-))

IMG_2217IMG_2214 IMG_2218

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