Good Company, Good Food


In case you haven’t noticed by now, I love food. I thankfully grew up in a family that values good food. My family likes to eat well, loves cooking and enjoys having guests over. We like trying new recipes and combinations and we aren’t overly fussy. We enjoy high quality food (within reason, of course) and have… kind of a no-nonsense attitude when it comes to cooking. We mostly cook simply, easy and quick. We’re also very multicultural when it comes to food. We cook Thai, Italian, Austrian, Nepali and Indian. We eat spicy and we eat sweet. We like cheese and good wine. It’s as simple as that.


[Above: fresh ciabatta | Below: Mango-Mozzarella with Orange-Chili vinegrette and chopped nuts.]

IMG_2715 IMG_2720

[Above and Below: Safran risotto and chicken (which we marinated in red wine sauce and herbs from our garden over night).]

IMG_2722 IMG_2724

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