Talking helps

I know I’m not always the most communicative person, especially when meeting new people or talking to people I don’t know that well – but how can you get to know them better? You talk to them. It also opens doors to new, unique experiences.

This morning we went to Downtown Dar es Salaam to go to the supermarket but made a quick stop at a church. We only meant to have a quick look inside, but got talking to a guy who offered to take us up to the tower.
Breathtaking. View.

While we ended up not being too happy with our guide for various reasons, it was a great opportunity and I’m so glad we let ourself being drawn into a conversation with him.

A similar story happened tonight. We went to get dinner at the small street restaurant we eat at almost every day. When we paid we complimented him on the chapatis and he proudly told us that he made them himself.
Then my friend boldly asked if he could teach us how to make them. Now we’re having an appointment with him tomorrow afternoon to learn how to make them.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

So much goodness.

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