and nothing will ever be the same again

Go to the beach for a quick dip. Haggle for that bracelet and improve your bargaining skills. Learn new words. Make a fool out of yourself if you use them the wrong way. Smile at strangers. Kill with kindness. Open up. Talk. Let new things happen to you. Ask if you want to know. Ask if you want to learn. Ask if you don’t know. Ask. Always. Don’t be afraid of not knowing. Wash your clothes by hand. Eat chapati 5 days in a row and drink way too spicy, way too sweet tea. Know when to be quiet. Say no. Say yes. Be enthusiastic. Open your eyes. Pay attention. Don’t complain too much. Be cautious, not afraid. Go for it. Try new food. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Be open to new opportunities. Take them. Don’t expect too much.  Be surprised and surprise others in return. Drive that car in the Serengeti. High five that Maasai. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Get your hands dirty. Inhale the dust. Let the salty water burn your eyes. Get invited to dinner at the neighbour’s house. Be gracious. Be open. Be yourself. Discover more about yourself. Stay the same. Grow. Change.

Do all of it, because you are here and this is now.

Leave some love (if you want to).

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