Happy Halloween!


I’ll be leaving for London tomorrow so I’m not sure when I can update this blog again as I’ll be busy walking around and discovering new corners in a city that has conquered my heart so completely.

In the meanwhile though my granddad and I carved some pretty cool pumpkins yesterday. Halloween is not a huge tradition here. In fact, it seems like the hype that I experienced when I was a kid is slowly dying down again. This tradition is something we want to keep though as it makes for a perfect granddad/granddaughter bonding time.

Mind you, I’m not allowed to actually touch that knife. I could cut myself. Yup. When it comes to my granddad I’ll forever be five years old :)

We usually have two stencils we like to do each year. One was a pretty cool bat, the other one a quite scary looking face. This year, however, we braved two motives we’ve never done before. Personally I quite like the simple lantern kind of carving we did. The cut outs could maybe be a bit slimmer and some more of them but for a first try I’m quite pleased. The other one is for my grandmother, who said “I want a happy one!” but I insisted that usual happy faces are boring and said that if she wants a happy one it needs to be at least somewhat cool. This was the point where my granddad told me no to almost every motive I showed him because they were too intricate. Finally my gran conceded and said the pumpkin could be either happy, or really, really scary. Her wish, my command. :)

(Not sure the scariness translates that well on these pictures but seriously, the teeth are quite cool, non?)

IMG_3559 IMG_3570 IMG_3572

Happy pumpkin carving, you guys. And be safe, don’t cut yourselves ;-)

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