Windsor – Stonehenge – Bath

K. and I are somewhat “go our own way” kind of girls, so when we realised we still had one day we could use for a trip out of London, we checked to see if we could do another trip just by ourselves. We quickly realised that the destinations we wanted to see were hugely inconvenient for us to reach without a car. So we looked up alternatives and finally decided on booking an organised tour. This turned out to be a huge success. Really.
We booked the Windsor Castle – Stonehenge – Bath tour two days in advance. It was a matter of maybe 10 minutes of research followed by 3 minutes of online booking. We booked the tour by Evan Evans.
This agency provides you with a complimentary pick up, so we managed to find a location that was literally just across the street from our hostel and saved us a lot of time coming to the station by ourselves.
The tour included the bus ride to the sights, a guide, and entrance fees as well as audio guides for Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and the Roman Baths in Bath. Our guide was a lovely lady named Fiona who talked in a casual and funny way about general history as well as the sights we were going to see. Within the sights we were left to our own devices and could divide up the time as we saw fit.
Sometimes the time we had in certain points was a bit short, and I know I would like to return to Bath and explore it a bit more but all in all it was a great trip.
We also managed to save quite a lot of money, booking this trip, as train tickets and entrance fee for Stonehenge alone would have been around the same price of what we paid for the whole trip.
[Above: Surprised face while trying the water from the hot springs in Bath.]
IMG_3749 IMG_3745
IMG_3732 IMG_3724 IMG_3717 IMG_3697
[Above: We unleashed our inner tourist and did some hardcore posing in Stonehenge. My pained expression in all other pictures we took is because of the wind and funny enough: being annoyed with fellow picture-taking tourists. I’m a traveling hypocrite, apparently.]
IMG_3695 IMG_3680 IMG_3672 IMG_3669 IMG_3667 IMG_3666 IMG_3662

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