Last days

I’m leaving this country tomorrow (maybe) and the past days have been… busy, chaotic, wonderful, challenging, nerve-wracking and fun.
We were so busy with last-minute arrangements, so busy with getting all the stuff we need to, doing all the stuff we still wanted to do and it turned out to be so, so good.

My birthday yesterday was one of the best I’ve ever had. It was a slow day, not too busy and exactly how I wanted it. We went to the beach in the afternoon, swam in the sea for the last time, before heading one last time to the restaurant with the cook who taught us how to make chapati. Afterwards we were invited to a friend’s house and spent the night drinking and dancing. We just had so much fun. There was a lot of laughter, a lot of Konyagi, a lot of limes, cookies, dancing and even more laughter.

I had the best day yesterday, injured foot, soaking wet clothes and all. Thanks to everyone who was there to celebrate with me, it was perfect.

Oh, and this is now the soundtrack for the next year.


Happy Father’s Day, Happy Birthday!

Are you getting bored with posts about food and family gatherings yet? I hope not because here’s another one!

June is a month full of celebrations. First Father’s Day and my Gran’s birthday, then my dad & granddad’s birthday. Yes, it’s full of presents and good food.

We had a BBQ yesterday, quite simple to be honest. Some veggies, some meat, some pizza bread – and then I went all out and actually baked a chocolate fudge cake with cherries and orange and chili whipped cream. Can we say YUMM? (Recipe will follow in a seperate post, don’t worry ;))

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