Mother and Daughter

What could possibly be better than a shop that sells both – champagne and cookie cutters?
Not much, let me tell you.

I spent today with my mum, walking around the city, shopping for birthday and father’s day presents, and eating yummy food. It was perfect.

We started out with having breakfast at an old, traditional viennese coffee house: Café Central.


We ordered traditional viennese coffee (Melange) and freshly pressed orange juice (served, as it should be, on a silver tray with a glass of tap water).


And some super yummy breakfast: dark bread, cream cheese, some veggies and plain yoghurt with fruits and cereal.



We walked around the city,


and found the most delightful little stores, – like this one: it sells champagne and cookie cutters. I think I’m in love.

IMG_8453 IMG_8452

We also bought a super cute and fun cookbook for my gran’s birthday. If you’re anything like us (meaning: if you’re also utterly obsessed with cookbooks), then Babette’s is a dream come true. It’s a shop dedicated to cookbooks, but it also offers food and cooking classes.
Later, we shared a Bagel and drank peppermint ice tea, before heading home for a quick stop to change into theatre appropriate clothes.

Then we headed off to eat some utterly delicious Tapas at Casita’s in Mödling.


After that we saw “Eine Ziege. Oder: Wer ist Sylvia?” (“A goat. Or: who is Sylvia?”) which was… interesting, to say the least.

All in all it was an extraordinarily lovely day with my mum. We fight and argue often (who doesn’t?) but we also agreed that we should do this more frequently. Both of us had a lot of fun. Plus, I’ve discovered a bunch of new shops too!

Frage Foto Freitag

This is my first try at the Question Photo Friday hosted by  Ohhh Mhhh.
I guess we’ll do it bilingual today, let’s start :)

1.) Schönes Gefühl?
(Beautiful feeling?)
/Einen Sekt Orange trinken während man die Füße das erste Mal in den Pool steckt.

/Sipping a Mimosa while sticking your feet in the pool for the first time.

2.) Schöne Idee?
(Beautiful idea?)
/Mal schnell ein paar Marshmallows grillen – wozu gibts nen Feuerkorb denn sonst?
/Quickly grilling some marshmallows because… it’s what a fire basket was made for, no?

3.) Schöne Kombination?
(Beautiful combination?)
/Kaffee-Topfen Eis (von Bortolotti auf der Mariahilferstraße).
/Coffee-Curd cheese ice cream (from Bortolotti on Mariahilferstraße).

4.) Schön einfach?
(Beautifully simple?)

/Mein Lieblings-Accessoire diesen Frühling. Mehr Infos gibts hier.
/My favourite accessory this spring. More info here.

5.) Einfach schön?
(Simply beautiful?)
/Frühlingsmoren im Stall. So ruhig, so warm, so friedlich.

/Spring morning at the stables. So quiet, so warm, so peaceful.

Family Dinner

Every time my grandparents get back from Italy (or anywhere, really) they bring lots of yummy food. Plus: it’s wild garlic season, so a homemade soup is a must :)

IMG_2083 IMG_2085 IMG_2088 IMG_2091 IMG_2095

/Wild garlic soup.
/Mozzarella with tomatoes.
/Salami and ham.
/Palatschinken (austrian mix between crêpe and pancakes).