3 weeks

After living in Africa for 3 weeks I finally feel like I truly arrived here. Today I had to run some errands, sat in a meeting and realised that I finally feel comfortable here. Shouts of “YOU! Come here!” and “Mzungu!” don’t bother me much anymore. Masses of people fascinate, rather than scare me. I walk with determination, I know where to go, where and what to pay and how to tell them that I know they’re trying to rip me off, just because I’m white.
I can navigate Dar es Salaam quite easily now, quickly find the right Dalla Dalla to our house and after 3 weeks I finally learned the exchange rate between Tanzanian Schillings and Euros.

After two weeks I felt a bit burned out. So many new experiences, so much information to soak up. Now I kind of recovered. I’m ready to learn more, ready to ask more questions. What kind of status do albinos have in society? How do Maasai men view their women (and how many cows do they usually pay for them?)? When do Chinese people pick their English name? There’s so much to learn still, still so many questions to be asked and I’m not afraid to do it anymore.

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