Tunes: Lissie

I’ve talked about going to London in 2010 and seeing Joshua Radin before, when I introduced you to The Staves. The second support act was Lissie. She came on after the Staves and at that time I was so in love with the act before and so excited for the main act that I didn’t pay enough attention to her.

Lissie really does deserve attention though. Her voice is so powerful, so unique. Her songs are so catchy. I wish I’d have given her the attention she deserved back then and I’d go see her in heartbeat.

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Tunes: The Staves

In April 2010 I went to London for a weekend. A friend and I had tickets to see Joshua Radin for one night. He is absolutely lovely and a pleasure to listen to. However, what really blew me away was the pure and utter talent of his support acts.

The Staves are three sisters who sing in pure harmony. They are so, so lovely. I never tire of listening to their songs. After the show I bought their album, which only had 3 tracks on it. I went home to google and youtube them and came up empty handed. I only found a few live videos, nothing more. Now they’re more well known – and if anyone deserves it, it’s them.

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