Brass Monkey

Instagram is a wonderful, wonderful place. Especially when you are constantly looking for new places to drink coffee and eat cake. Like I mentioned in an earlier post I’m trying to work my way through all the tiny cafés Vienna has to offer and so far this is going really well!
This suggestion came my way and I couldn’t be happier.

Brass Monkey is a relatively small café but offers a variety of cupcakes. The coffee selection is a bit more limited than in other cafés but their tea-game is strong. The Staff is incredibly friendly and there’s a ton of magazines and newspapers on the table waiting to be read. I instantly fell in love with the relaxed atmosphere,  chalkboards and colourful tiles of the counter.
The only downside of this place is that (as far as I can tell) there’s no restroom for customers. Which is, if you’re like me and sit around cafés for hours, not ideal at all.

Still, I’m sure I’ll be back. There’s coffee to drink and cupcakes to eat.

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Brass Monkey
Gumpendorferstraße 71, 1060 Wien

Mother and Daughter

What could possibly be better than a shop that sells both – champagne and cookie cutters?
Not much, let me tell you.

I spent today with my mum, walking around the city, shopping for birthday and father’s day presents, and eating yummy food. It was perfect.

We started out with having breakfast at an old, traditional viennese coffee house: Café Central.


We ordered traditional viennese coffee (Melange) and freshly pressed orange juice (served, as it should be, on a silver tray with a glass of tap water).


And some super yummy breakfast: dark bread, cream cheese, some veggies and plain yoghurt with fruits and cereal.



We walked around the city,


and found the most delightful little stores, – like this one: it sells champagne and cookie cutters. I think I’m in love.

IMG_8453 IMG_8452

We also bought a super cute and fun cookbook for my gran’s birthday. If you’re anything like us (meaning: if you’re also utterly obsessed with cookbooks), then Babette’s is a dream come true. It’s a shop dedicated to cookbooks, but it also offers food and cooking classes.
Later, we shared a Bagel and drank peppermint ice tea, before heading home for a quick stop to change into theatre appropriate clothes.

Then we headed off to eat some utterly delicious Tapas at Casita’s in Mödling.


After that we saw “Eine Ziege. Oder: Wer ist Sylvia?” (“A goat. Or: who is Sylvia?”) which was… interesting, to say the least.

All in all it was an extraordinarily lovely day with my mum. We fight and argue often (who doesn’t?) but we also agreed that we should do this more frequently. Both of us had a lot of fun. Plus, I’ve discovered a bunch of new shops too!