Travel Stories: Presentation!

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[Thailand 2004]

Yesterday was the day!
Together with 2 other girls, I held a presentation about how to travel safely and smoothly through Thailand. We were a small group, roughly all in my age and it was quite a lot of fun. The Feedback we got was very positive as well and we’ve been asked to do it again once or twice in September or October. So if you’re in Vienna and planning to travel, come say hi?
There will be presentations about Nepal and India as well, and I’ll probably join that preperation too. (Presentations about East Africa and South America will be offered as well, best see this website about information :))

All in all we spoke for about 90 minutes, which we think was maybe a bit too long and it will be held shorter next time. Still, I think the personal stories and experiences made the whole presentation a lot livelier and fun :)

As an unexpected bonus we were told we’d get paid a tiny amount from the organisation who approached us – it’s not much but a nice sentiment none the less. However, I’d love to make a job out of this. Would anyone sponsor me? Any volunteers? That would be a dream come true.

Until that happens, I’ll continue to crawl my way to the end of the uni semester and try to get some last minute travel preparations for this summer done. That’s not too bad either, I think :)

We ended last night talking about the feedback and the experience (first ever presentation that wasn’t for university or school, but work!) while sipping this really nice lemonade:


Sparkling water, lemon juice, mint leaves and ginger. Yummy and so refreshing!

I hope everyone had a lovely week as well,

xo Kristina