The lack of recent blog posts is probably easily explained: Christmas. University. Work. Christmas.

So, if you’re not following me on Instagram, here’s a short recap of what I’ve been up to the past few weeks.

Snow has yet to really make an appearance in Vienna, though we’ve had a little. Still, the forests surrounding my hometown make more than up for it as they’re currently covered in thick frost. It’s truly magical to look at. I took Sargon for a ride in the forest and we even met some deer along the way. It’s like a fairytale. Still, here’s to hoping we do get a little snow until the 24th.

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As mentioned in the last blog post, Vienna during Christmas time is a great place to be. I really cannot say this often enough and I kind of feel bad about not blogging about it more often. In any case, here are some impressions of how the city looked like the past few weeks.

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The weather here wasn’t the best all the time, but let’s be honest, there’s something soothing about rainy days as well.
I tried fighting back with festive nails (Essie’s Shearling Darling and a top coat of golden glitter nail polish) while sipping copious amounts of tea and coffee. It works.

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At home we tried hard to make the house look a bit more Christmasy. We don’t have a tree as we celebrate Christmas at my grandparent’s house, but there are some little things that can be done to get into a festive mood.
I also hosted my annual Christmas party again which was a relaxing evening spent drinking punch and stuffing ourselves with melted cheese and homemade cookies. As it should be, I guess.

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I also started sewing to make my mum’s Christmas presents, using some of the fabrics I brought home from Tanzania and Togo. I’m actually super happy and proud with how it turned out, seeing as I haven’t sat in front of a sewing machine since elementary school. This might be a new hobby.
Kat, of That Kind of Woman posted a recipe idea for brunch on Instagram a while ago and I finally had time to give it a try. It’s safe to say that this will be made more often from now on.
(Bacon then vegetables and basically whatever you fancy on top, before cracking some eggs over it and putting it in the oven)


Oh, and I also cut off a good bit of my hair.
I don’t regret it at all, this change has been waiting to happen for a while now and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out :)

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I hope your last days before Christmas aren’t too stressful and that you get to enjoy one of the most beautiful times of the year in peace with your loved ones.
I hope I can get one or two more posts up in the next few days, but as mentioned in the beginning… there’s uni. And work. And…. Christmas.

Summer / Travel Essentials: Beauty

Summer / Travel Essentials: Beauty
1. Forever Yummy and No Chips Ahead from Essie. | 2. All About Eyes from Clinique. | 3. Lip Balm #1 from Kiehls. | 4. Sunscreen and After Sun Lotion from Garnier. | 5. Pink Grapefruit Body Mist and Shower Gel from The Body Shop. | 6. Tiger Balm.
Here some info on why I picked these products:Essie Nail polishes have been much hyped and after careful consideration (should I really spend 10€ on a little bottle of nail polish?) I finally caved. I picked up Vanity Fairest and Forever Yummy and was quite positively surprised. Yes, these nail polishes are worth the hype. However, you should also think about investing in some Top Coat. As I wasn’t very happy with the one I had, I bought the “No Chips Ahead” Top Coat from Essie and that as well was worth every cent I spent on it. The manicure lasted longer than any other I had before!.
All About Eyes from Clinique is an eye cream that really soothes the lids. It makes the skin soft and smooth and I’m really considering buying the full sized version once I’m done with my sample.
Let’s talk a bit about this Lip Balm from Kiehls. This is another product that was hyped so much, and again I was asking myself: 8€ for a lipbalm? What is so special about this lip balm that it warrants a price like this? Again I was more than positively surprised by this product. It didn’t only feel good on my lips for a short time, no, it actually cared for my lips more than just on the surface. For the first time in months my lips were smooth and healthy looking. This will come in even more healthy next winter.
Sunscreen and After Sun are pretty self explanatory, though I picked Garnier as a brand because I really like the smell (especially of the sunscreen for kids!). The After Sun has a very cooling and calming affect on my skin and also moisturizes it pretty well.
Pink Grapefruit Body Mist and Shower Gel. Ladies and Gentleman, I’m so in love with this product, it’s insane. I just love the scent so much. The Body Mist has a very subtle and pleasant note, which is perfect for me. I tend to get headaches from perfumes really fast, but this has been a very good friend to me so far. The scent is the perfect mixture between fresh, fruity and sweet and I’m actually thinking about getting the actual perfume as wel.
Tiger Balm comes in super, super handy when you get bitten by mosquitoes. Just apply a small bit on the bite and it will start to heat up, making the itch all but disappear. I’m always carrying one jar with me in summers!