Spring Sunday Family Lunch


[Above: Snacks, sparkling wine and our new living room in the garden. | Below: Minimalistic table decoration.]


My family here in Austria is quite small, which basically means that we’re extremely close to my grandparents. We live in the same town and often meet for dinner or lunch. Since we still don’t have a kitchen at the moment, we opted to have a BBQ for the first time this season. Just some simple things, quickly thrown together, and a bit of sunshine made for a lovely spring day :)

[Above: Rice-Tuna Salad. | Below: Zucchini and green asparagus in the BBQ wok. My parents swear that this BBQ wok is the best invention ever.]

IMG_2370 IMG_2372

[Above: Lunch. | Below: “When I grow up I want to be a sunflower.”]

IMG_2355 IMG_2357

[Above: Baby grapes. | Below: Baby strawberries.]


Spring’s the time for garden work

There’s something so rewarding, so cleansing about working with your hands. Your clothes, your hands, your face – everything is covered in earth and mud but still, you feel … pure.

IMG_2194 IMG_2195  IMG_2183

I made the flower pallet last summer as a DIY project. It’s super simple – here are some pictures:

You need:
a pallet,
some pots,
and some wire (but really, there are probably better ways to secure the pots to the pallet, I’m just not that DIY-savy ;))