Topfen-Porridge (curd cheese-porridge)

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Finding an apt translation for Topfen (or Quark) is harder than one might think.
Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about this, just to clear things up.

Moving on. It had never occured to me to add curd cheese to my porridge, until my Instagram feed was suddenly swamped with it.
So I thought “Heck, why not give it a try?”
And I did.
And it was glorious.

Curd Cheese Porridge (of your choice)
1 portion of the porridge of your choice
Curd Cheese (I added about 1 table spoon per portion)
Fruit (I used one half of a Granny Smith apple)

What to do

Make the porridge as instructed. If you don’t have a ready made one you can always make it yourself by cooking up oatmeal and adding whatever fruit or dried berries you have. Nuts or coconut are also a nice addition.
Personally, I love the combination of coconut flakes, some ground nuts (almonds or hazelnuts), and dried cranberries.
You can cook it either with water or with milk. Personally I prefer milk, but that’s completely up to you (some recipes also say you can mix and add in water and milk. I haven’t tried that yet.)

Let the porridge cook until it reaches the desired texture. I made mine a bit thicker than usual because the curd cheese I add softens it up again.
Then add the curd cheese, stir until well combined and top of with the fruits of your choice.

I like to add a little bit of sugar.

It’s as easy as that and gives your regular porridge a totally new kick of flavour. I’m in love. Very much so.Processed with VSCOcam with 5 preset

Testing: MyMuesli


Have you ever heard of MyMuesli?
Ok, so let me explain.

MyMuesli is a website where you can order quality muesli. However, that’s obviously not all there is to it, otherwise I wouldn’t be that excited about it.
The thing is – you can actually mix the whole thing yourself. You can choose the base, the extras, the fruit – everything. It’s about mixing and matching your own personal cereal and put in whatever your little heart wants.
To top it all off, you can also name your muesli (which probably excited me more than it should…).

I ordered this muesli and some porridge (N’Oats Raspberry-Coconut-Cherry Porridge is a dream come true, trust me) and to save myself the cost for shipping (I’m a uni student after all) I let it deliver to a MyMuesli Hotspot in Vienna and picked it up from there.

To sum it up: Mixing and ordering the cereal online was no problem at all. Paying via credit card was no hassle either and I was informed via email when my cereal was ready to be picked up. About the taste and quality of the cereal – well, I mixed it myself so I might be biased but it’s really quite yummy ;)

See more pictures here.