Autumn Tunes

It’s been months but I’m finally doing the Frage Foto Freitag (Question Photo Friday) hosted by Ohhh Mhhh again. This time slightly different though.
No pictures this time but you can look here for some autumn themed shots (more to come as soon as I have time to post them :))

Here are five songs I cannot get enough from right now. Some have been favourites for a while now and been my personal soundtrack throughout the summer, others I have just recently discovered (okay, okay, J. forced me to listen to Haim, I confess).

Resolution by Matt Corby

Brave by Sara Bareilles

Bonfire Heart by James Blunt

Things We Lost in the Fire by Bastille

The Wire by Haim

Tunes: Lissie

I’ve talked about going to London in 2010 and seeing Joshua Radin before, when I introduced you to The Staves. The second support act was Lissie. She came on after the Staves and at that time I was so in love with the act before and so excited for the main act that I didn’t pay enough attention to her.

Lissie really does deserve attention though. Her voice is so powerful, so unique. Her songs are so catchy. I wish I’d have given her the attention she deserved back then and I’d go see her in heartbeat.

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